Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Overview of Turkish Program

Turkey offers fast-track route to obtaining a second passport. This route to acquiring citizenship with low entry investment options of $250,000 for the entire family, featuring a fast-tracked and straightforward application process with no obligations to declare applicant’s assets or income generated in other countries, and with no physical presence required.

Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship

  • Prior to or after citizenship has been granted, the whole process can be obtained remotely.
  • Passport granted in 180 days and Transferable to descendants.
  • Turkey allows for dual citizenship.
  • Turkey Citizenship by Investment offers a minimum investment of only $250,000 with an investment period of just 3 years, Rental income from acquired property/Interest income from government shares.
  • 115 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea.
  • Entire family are eligible including spouses, children under 18 years old.
  • Foreign assets and income don’t have to be declared.
  • Free medical services, education & university reimbursement plans, pension programs.

Turkish passport

Turkish passport — visa-free or visa on arrival access to 115 countries and territories, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea. Turkish Citizenship grants additional freedom of movement, with many countries that require a visa easily granting it to those with Turkish nationality.

As a Turkish citizen, relocate to the UK and establish your business as a Turkish business person with investment from £15,000 only.

Investment Options

1. Property Acquisition From $250,000

  • Acquire residential or commercial property with a deed restriction not to sell for 3 years from the date of purchase, Investors have the right to acquire several properties, as long as the total amount complies with the requirements.
  • The property can be let for rental income, or sold after 3 years from acquiring citizenship, without affecting applicant’s citizenship.

    2. Capital Transfer From $500,000

  • Fixed-asset investment confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology OR
  • Deposit $500.000 cash in a Turkish bank for a minimum of 3 years OR
  • Buy government bonds with the potential to receive interest as income, Investments to be kept for 3 years.

3. Creation of 50 Jobs or Business Investment

  • Set up business and create jobs for at least 50 Turkish employees.

How Mann’s work

Mann’s focus is to provide a professional and accurate service assisting applicants with a residency application.

1. Conversation with Our Immigration Consultant

Our aim with this session is to make your case optimally strong, show all your strong points as a professional and future business owner.

2. Receiving legal agreement from us

We will send you our Customer Care Letter (CCL) which states all legal information about how we work as an Immigration Law Firm.

3. Payment

You will receive our automated email with invoice attached. Payment of 50% of the invoice value needs to be done before we start your application process. Remaining 50% needs to be paid 3 days before submission of your case.

4. Invest into Turkish Property

The purchase of real estate in Turkey, investment in a Turkish business, or capital transfer to the Bank of Turkey.

5. Working on your case

We will send you a ’tailored’ list of documents which you need to provide for your application, our solicitor will consult you and fully assist on arranging all documents, prepare case strategy and your application form.

6. Submit Residency application

Our advisers will submit all necessary forms online

7. Obtaining results on application

Decision from government authorities will be made after 60 days

8. Guiding you for Next Steps in Turkey

Our consultants will guide you with next steps regarding immigration law and compliance with Turkish Citizenship.


Program Benefits

Investment Options

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