Skilled Worker Route (Tier 2 General Visa)


Skilled Worker Route opened on 01 December 2020, replacing The Tier 2 General Visa is for individuals who are coming to the UK to take up employment. The new Skilled Worker Route Visa is more flexible comparing to the Tier 2 General route. The new point-based system requires an applicant, who is a skilled worker to have a job offer from an approved employer sponsor.


Main eligibility requirements for Skilled Worker Route:

· From January 2021, the offered position will need to be at a required skill level of RQF3 or above

· The job should have a minimum general salary of £25,600

· Applicant have a job offer in the UK from an employer that holds a Tier 2 Sponsor License

· A valid certificate of sponsorship should be issued by the sponsor for the position

· The applicant should be from a non-EEA country 

· Applicant must have enough additional funds to support themselves without relying on public funds

· Evidence of meeting the level of English language


The sponsor will need to show that there is no suitable settled worker to fill the role in the UK. In most cases, the company will need to prove that they have undertaken a genuine ‘Resident Labour Market Test’. This means that the role must be advertised for at least 28 days in two places and no suitable settled worker has applied or/and pass through the interview.


Visa Extension and Settlement (ILR)

A skilled Worker visa allows a migrant to stay on the new skilled worker visa for as long as he or she continues to satisfy the route. The visa can last for up to 5 years before you need to extend it. If the visa holder wants to stay longer in the UK, it is possible to apply for ILR (Settlement) after 5 years. This will give the right to live, work and study in the UK for as long as the applicant wants, and apply for benefits if eligible. After 6 years, it is possible to apply for British citizenship provided all requirements have been met.


How Mann’s Solutions work

1. Conversation with Our Immigration Consultant

Our aim with this session is to make your case optimally strong, show all your strong points as visa applicant.

2. Receiving legal agreement from us

We will send you our Customer Care Letter (CCL) which states all legal information about how we work as an Immigration Law Firm.

3. Payment

You will receive our automated email with invoice attached. Payment of 50% of the invoice value needs to be done before we start your application process. Remaining 50% needs to be paid 3 days before submission of your case to Home Office.

4. Working on your case

We will send you a ’tailored’ list of documents which you need to provide for your application, Our adviser will consult you and fully assist on arranging all documents, prepare case strategy and fully comply with UK immigration law for your application form, then prepare professional and detailed Representation letter to support your case in Home Office.

5. Submitting application to Home Office

Our adviser will submit all necessary forms online and arrange an appointment date for YOU to attend UK Visa Centre in your city to bring all original documents.

6. Obtaining results from Home Office

The Home Office will send your documents and the result of your application to our office after 3 months of submitting your application, but in some cases this period can be longer.

7. Guiding you for Next Steps in the UK

Our Immigration adviser will guide you with next steps regarding immigration law and compliance of the Visa extension, ILR and British Passport.

Mann’s Solutions Services included:

  • Taking full instructions of your circumstances
  • Providing you with a full list of documents required for you to provide
  • Completion of the Home Office online application form
  • Full Document check
  • Once all the documents are satisfactory, we will begin to prepare our legal representation letter for your application to accompany your application to the Home Office
  • Your application will be thoroughly revised by our immigration advisor

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I would recommend Manns Solutions to everyone having difficulties understanding UK’s complex immigration system. I had many questions and concerns regarding my status in the country but they made it all easy and clear. I collected all the required documents and filled in my application form which turned out to be successful with their help.


Mann’s Solutions Case officer had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process. Their expertise and experience have always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the final stages of visa have just completed. I would like to say that they are the best for UK immigration with very high success rate. Special thanks to My Case officer Shazia & Evgeny.


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